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09 Jul 2019

IDPS 2019-21 Peace Vision

The IDPS Co-chairs are pleased to announce the endorsement of the IDPS 2019-21 Peace Vision (English and French) by the Steering Group. The document will provide a framework for joint action for the IDPS community for the next two years. 

07 Feb 2019

A Seat at the Table: Capacities and Limitations of Private Sector Peacebuilding

The CDA Collaborative Learning projects has published a new report on engaging the private sector for peacebuilding in fragile contexts.

"It documents the efforts of individual companies, as well as those of associations of companies acting collectively, as they sought to transform the dynamics of conflict unfolding around them. The analysis identifies patterns that are common to effective approaches to peace and conflict by private sector actors, and the specific means and resources through which private sector actors implemented those approaches in successful cases. It offers insights for individual companies, for peacebuilding actors, and for policy organizations seeking to define and establish a role for the private sector in efforts to address fragility and conflict. The report systematizes and builds on insights gleaned over the course of the project through literature reviews, case study development, and consultations with a range of experts."

Click on the CDA's website here or IDPS website here to download the report

Authors: Miller Ben, Brian Ganson, Sarah Cechvala, and Jason Miklian

CDA Collaborative Learning Projects


02 Nov 2018

21st Steering Group Meeting

The new IDPS co-chairs, Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau (Canada) and Minister Nabeela Tunis (Sierra Leone), are delighted will convene the next Steering Group Meeting of the International Dialogue  on 12-13 December 2018, at the Lisbon g7+ Hub in Portugal.


11 Oct 2018

Sustaining peace and shared prosperity: The question of fragile states

An interesting article by Habib Ur Mayar Deputy Director of the g7+ Secretariat discussing the kind of effort it would take to tackle state fragility  at a global level.

Read the article here.

04 Oct 2018

A week at the UN General Assembly: Working better and smarter together to prevent crisis

Franck Bousquet, Senior Director of the World Bank Fragility, Conflict, & Violence Group, attended the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) which took place on 18 September – 5 October 2018. The annual gathering provides an opportunity for the international community to discuss some of the most pressing global challenges, innovative solutions to address them and progress since last year.

On this blogpost, Franck shares his experience in participating in several key events on
Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (FCV). Since 2010, the number of major violent conflicts has tripled, and the fragility landscape is becoming even more complex. Violent extremism, climate change, pandemics and food insecurity are on the rise. Conflicts drive 80 percent of all humanitarian needs.