The International Dialogue's Leadership

H.E. Momodu Lamin Kargbo, 

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Sierra Leone, co-Chair of the International Dialogue, and Chair of the g7+ group of fragile states.

HE Kargbo.JPG Momodu Lamin Kargbo is currently the Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Sierra Leone, with almost 40 years experience in the public and private sectors. Prior to his appointment as Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Minister Kargbo served as the Governor of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone and is credited with significantly improving Foreign Exchange and Reserve Management. In his previous term at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Sierra Leone, Minister Kargbo served as Deputy Minister and Minister of State responsible for Expenditure Control and Management, Revenue and Tax Policy Administration and Public Financial Management Reforms.

In the private sector, Minister Kargbo was Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the National Cooperative Development Bank. He also owned and managed a successful timber and furniture business. Minister Kargbo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and an MSC in Agriculture Economics from Rutgers University, USA. He also holds an MBA from Texas A&M University, USA.


H.E. Isabella Lövin, 

Minister for International Development Cooperation of Sweden and co-Chair of the International Dialogue. 

isabellalovin_1.jpg Isabella Lövin is currently Minister for International Development Cooperation of Sweden. Her main areas of responsibility are development cooperation and development policy, and global development policy. Before being appointed Minister, she was an elected member of the European Parliament between 2009 and 2014, and served as member of the delegation for relations with the Pan-African Parliament (2009-2012) and as a member of the Delegation to the ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly from 2012-2014. She is a member of the Green Party.

A leading member of the Greens in the Fisheries and Development Committees, involved in the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy, also special rapporteur on the external dimension of the Common Fisheries Policy and the role of the EU in fighting illegal fisheries globally. Until 2009, she was an acclaimed journalist and author. Minister Lövin has been Co-Chair of the International Dialogue since 2015.

She has received various prizes for her work, such as the Georg and Greta Borgström Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry for championing activities related to the world’s population and food supply, and the Fair Politician of the Year Award from Fair Politics EU for her efforts to make the European Union’s Common Fisheries Policy more fair towards developing countries. She also holds an Honorary Doctorate from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

She lives in Stockholm and is married with children.