20 Steering Group Meeting


At the meeting, members will also have the opportunity to hear updates from each other about developments in this field (e.g. UN Sustaining Peace and Prevention Agenda, Financing fragility and peacebuilding, SDG 16, the Famine/Fragility Nexus), all of which are likely to shape the environments in which they operate. These updates, the core outcomes outlined in the Strategy and the outcome of the deliberations of the Implementation Working Group meeting (held the day before), will be used to set clear strategic priorities and a clear work plan to take them forward.

This meeting will be an important opportunity for members to chart the way forward in concrete terms and spell out how the Strategy will be operationalised to enable the Dialogue to further shape fast-evolving global and country-level processes, with which it must engage, if it is to remain relevant.

The purpose of this meeting is for members to agree on priority actions which they will – individually and collectively – undertake to operationalise the Strategy, and to achieve the outcomes outlined within it. To do this, members will share, listen to, and discuss updates on the broad landscape, and then discuss and agree upon strategic priorities for the partnership to deliver, in areas where it has contribution and on which it can collaborate, at global and country level, in relation to a shared calendar.

Members will also be called upon to agree on the role they will play, and that of their secretariats, notably the International Dialogue Secretariat, in enabling them to deliver on collective strategic priorities. In addition, members will hear back from the IWG and will discuss and agree on the scope and remit of the work of the Implementation Working Group (IWG), its ways of working, and on how it differs from, reinforces, and contributes to the work of the Steering Group.1 Steering Group members will also be asked to consider and agree upon how the currently-funded work plan commitments (2017) of the International Dialogue and its Secretariat will be integrated into the new work plan cycle.

Room Documents

Steering Group

  • Draft Agenda [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 1: Concept note for the Steering Group Meeting  [Eng]
  • Room Document 2: 19th Steering Group Draft Summary Record [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 3: 2017 Calendar of Global-level events [Eng]
  • Room Document 4: Hitting the Target, but Missing the Point? [Eng]
  • Room Document 5: IDPS Secretariat Paper - Investing in FCS [Eng]
  • Room Document 6: Towards a Draft International Dialogue Work Programme [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 7: IDPS Strategy for 2017-2021 [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 8: Implementation Working Group Terms of Reference [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 9: The Road Towards the 6th IDPS Global Meeting [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 10: IDPS Secretariat Income Overview and 2016 Expenditure Breakdown [Eng/Fr]
  • Background document: Papers on New Deal and the Ebola Crisis (Lunch session) [Eng]
  • Background document: GPEDC Monitoring profiles for participating g7+ countries [Eng/FR]
  • Background document: Solidifying Private Sector Engagement in FCAS (session 4) [Eng]

Implementation Working Group

  • Draft Agenda [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 1:June 2016 IWG Meeting Draft Summary Record  [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 2: IWG draft Terms of Reference [Eng | FR]
  • Room Document 3: Note on Membership [Eng | FR]