Private Sector Resurgence in Sierra Leone: An ID Workshop

The International Dialogue, in collaboration with Sierra Leonean organisations, notably Up!-Africa Limited and Clas Consult, and a range of stakeholders from the business community, held a a one-day workshop jointly prepared by the World Bank FCV Group in Freetown. Development partners, government representatives, business and civil society organisations were present. As part of the International Dialogue's commitment to building the economic foundations for peace, the workshop initiated a conversation between different stakeholders about practical and concrete ways to  build on the success of ICT deployment during the Ebola response phase, to nurture entrepreneurship in the ICT sector, and consolidate post-Ebola recovery. The workshop, which was moderated by Chukwu-Emeka Chikezie from Up!-Africa Limited, also provided the opportunity for the International Dialogue to launch its strategy to promote 'more and better private sector development in fragile and conflict-affected states' which, over the next year, will foster a series of problem-solving public-private dialogues between the private sector, development partners, Governments and civil society organisations, in ways that build trust and consolidate peace around sector-specific themes identified by partners in Sierra Leone, Liberia, DRC and Afghanistan.