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  • WG Nairobi - RD 12 - Use of Country Systems

    Country Dialogues on Using and Strengthening Country Systems: A Guidance Note. Document 12 - Discussion document. EIGHTH INTERNATIONAL DIALOGUE WORKING GROUP MEETING ON NEW DEAL IMPLEMENTATION. 1-2 June 2016, Nairobi, Kenya.  [Also available in: Fr ]

  • Reflections on Use of Country Systems in Somalia: A government perspective

    Adil Korfa Garane, senior policy advisor in the Ministry of Finance, Federal Republic of Somalia and co-Chair of the UCS working group, gives his perspective on the Use of Country Systems in Somalia.

  • The Use of Country Systems and the New Deal: The State of Play in 2017

    This report takes stock of the progress made across the member countries of the International Dialogue on the Use of Country Systems (UCS) since 2016. The UCS is a core commitment of the New Deal’s TRUST principles, and was reaffirmed by Dialogue members in the Stockholm Declaration 2016. The report concludes on the need for a more nuanced approach to the topic, highlights progress at country level, and the need to showcase and strengthen it internationally in order to promote more sustained international commitment to the issue. The report builds on series of consultations conducted in 2017 between members – at the IDPS Steering Group and Implementation Working Group meetings in April 2017 and on a country level consultation with the country dialogue on the Use of Country Systems led by the Somalia donor/government Use of Country Systems Working Group, supported by the UN/World Bank coordinator in Nairobi (Kenya) in December 2018.

  • Peer-learning workshop on Use of Country Systems across the IDPS | Workshop report | December 2017

    A half day workshop jointly hosted and organised in conjunction with the World Bank Conflict, Fragility and Violence Hub, the UN/World Bank Aid Coordination Office, and the International Dialogue Secretariat, was organised as a way of furthering peer learning across IDPS members, on the current ‘state of play’ with respect to thinking and progress on the Use of Country Systems (UCS). Its aim was to facilitate the comparing of experiences, and to identify strategic ways of advancing the agenda at country and headquarter levels i.e. an agenda for action for the International Dialogue leadership on the Use of Country Systems going forward.