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  • Fragility Assessment - Sierra Leone

    The process of developing this assessment involved desk studies, interviews, workshops and focus group discussions on each of the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding goals (PSGs), involving civil society organisations, parliamentarians, community leaders and government actors from around the country.

  • Fragility Assessment - South Sudan

    South Sudan's fragility assessment aims to provide a first, and still limited, overview of progress, challenges and priority actions to help the country advance towards resilience.

  • Fragility Assessment - Timor Leste

    The assessment was conducted in Timor-Leste for about 2 months, from the period of July to August 2012. It involved approximately of 41 institutions include State Institutions, Development Partners, Civil Societies Organization, Local Authorities from two selected districts and Universities.

  • g7+ Fragility Spectrum

    This note sets out the rationale and benefits of a ‘spectrum approach’ to fragility, and the purpose and use of country-specific fragility spectrum and indicators (developed through fragility assessments).

  • Fragility Assessment Guidance

    This guidance note seeks to support the implementation of New Deal fragility assessments in fragile and conflict-affected states. It should not be seen as a strict step-by-step guide. Rather, it provides guidance to support context-specific processes; elements described herein should always be tailored to local needs and priorities. This guidance is based on the experience, lessons and insight generated by g7+ countries that piloted implementation of the fragility assessment between 2012 and 2013