Recent documents

  • Fragility Assessment - Sierra Leone (2016)

    The 2016 fragility assessment report is the result of inclusive consultations led by Sierra Leoneans. During this process, stakeholders identified challenges and key priorities that should be addressed by the Government. The process provided a unique opportunity to understand how the various districts view their fragility and how the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals (PSGs) could assist moving the country from transition to transformation. Three key recommendations are suggested in the report in order to create greater resilience: increasing capacity building, creating a maintenance culture and ensuring that there is a resident judge in each district.

  • g7+ response to the Pathways for Peace report

    Presentation made by H.E. Deqa Yasin Hagi Yusuf, Minister of Women and Human Rights Development, Federal Republic of Somalia, on behalf of the g7+ and Somalia in response to the WB-UN Pathways for Peace report, during IDPS High level panel on 'Implementing prevention: Operational responses to the Pathways for Peace report' held on 6th March at the World Bank Fragility Forum 2018 .