Recent documents

  • A Guide to Implementing the New Deal (2012)

    This document provides a preliminary guide to support the country-level implementation of the New Deal for International Engagement in Fragile States. Further guidance in particular areas of the New Deal might be developed based on initial experience and lessons learned during 2012.

  • Role of lead donors

    This brief highlights options for possible roles of lead development partner/s in pilot countries, within their headquarters, and through international fora. These suggestions are based on the New Deal commitments, ongoing experience, and discussions within the New Deal implementation working group (Juba, December 2012).

  • Options for Donor Support to New Deal Implementation

    This paper outlines options to support country-level implementation of the New Deal. These include: 1) options for specific, short-term support aimed to kick-start implementation and/or to provide targeted technical or other assistance on specific aspects of New Deal implementation, and; 2) options for longer-term, continued support aimed to build in-country capacity, within Government, civil society, and development partners to manage the overall implementation of New Deal provisions. In addition, the paper highlights areas of global support, and presents options for how implementation could be financed.

  • Fragility Assessment Guidance

    This guidance note seeks to support the implementation of New Deal fragility assessments in fragile and conflict-affected states. It should not be seen as a strict step-by-step guide. Rather, it provides guidance to support context-specific processes; elements described herein should always be tailored to local needs and priorities. This guidance is based on the experience, lessons and insight generated by g7+ countries that piloted implementation of the fragility assessment between 2012 and 2013