Recent documents

  • Peer-learning workshop on Use of Country Systems across the IDPS | Workshop report | December 2017

    A half day workshop jointly hosted and organised in conjunction with the World Bank Conflict, Fragility and Violence Hub, the UN/World Bank Aid Coordination Office, and the International Dialogue Secretariat, was organised as a way of furthering peer learning across IDPS members, on the current ‘state of play’ with respect to thinking and progress on the Use of Country Systems (UCS). Its aim was to facilitate the comparing of experiences, and to identify strategic ways of advancing the agenda at country and headquarter levels i.e. an agenda for action for the International Dialogue leadership on the Use of Country Systems going forward.

  • Engendering Gender-Centred Inclusivity in Somalia’s National Development Planning and Partnership Agreement Development Process | Workshop report | December 2017

    This report captures the main highlights from a workshop hosted by the Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development of the Federal Republic of Somalia, UNDP Somalia, the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding Statebuilding (CSPPS) and the International Dialogue Secretariat. The workshop brought together Somalia civil society organisations, with donors and officials from Ministry of Finance (PM office) and Central Bank, to review gaps in gender mainstreaming across line ministries, during the New Deal compact phase, and identify how the new National Development Plan and Partnership agreement, open up the scope for greater gender and women’s inclusion. On this occasion, a set of preliminary recommendations were put forward.

  • Towards a Country Dialogue Process in Sierra Leone | Workshop report | December 2017

    This report captures the main highlights from a workshop hosted by UNDP in December 2017, which brought together development partners, g7+ focal points and civil society organisations in order to review the government’s last fragility assessment (2016) and to stimulate a discussion about its findings with a view to identifying possible foci for future country dialogue. Prevention of violent conflict was advanced as an important backdrop in context of forthcoming election. The workshop also highlighted the need to open up the dialogue to a greater number of stakeholders, notably the unusual suspects which include political parties, and to revitalize the country level policy dialogue space between donor, government and civil society, for more inclusive peacebuilding and prevention.